Professional experience at Etec Engineering

Jonas Claes, a software and electrical engineer, worked at Etec Engineering, a global automation solutions company. He developed software components for complex automation processes, programmed PLCs, and worked on electrical systems integral to automation projects.

Professional experience at Etec Engineering
Etec Engineering

About Etec Engineering

Etec Engineering, headed by the experienced Mario Claes, is a niche-focused entity that primarily deals with the specialized field of factory automation. Operating as a one-man company, Etec Engineering leverages Mario's comprehensive knowledge and expertise to provide top-tier automation solutions. Despite its small size, the company's footprint is global, having undertaken and successfully completed projects for clients across the world. Their work spans a wide range of sectors including food, medical, logistics, and more. Etec Engineering's unique approach integrates advanced technology with efficient designs, ensuring optimal productivity and profitability for its clients.

My professional activities at Etec Engineering

During my tenure at Etec Engineering, I had the opportunity to wear multiple hats - those of a software engineer as well as an electrical engineer. As a software engineer, my work revolved around developing and optimizing the software components integral to our automation solutions. This involved creating algorithms for complex automation processes, programming PLCs, and ensuring the seamless integration of software components with the physical elements of the automation systems.

In my capacity as an electrical engineer, I was responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining the electrical systems that powered our automation projects. My tasks ranged from drafting electrical schematics, selecting appropriate hardware, coordinating with suppliers, to troubleshooting and repairing any issues that arose during operation. This dual role not only tested my versatility but also provided me with a holistic understanding of the automation industry, positioning me to make significant contributions to Etec Engineering's success.