Botivater Discord Bot

Botivater, a versatile Discord bot, manages roles, entertains with games, promotes self-care, and fosters community engagement. Born out of need, it simplifies community management, making it enjoyable.

Botivater Discord Bot


The Botivater Discord Bot, which shares the same code base as the Friendship Bubble Discord Bot, offers an array of features that can be expanded and customized through a web-based visual editor.

Purpose of the Bot

The Friendship Bubble is a Discord community that aims to connect individuals during challenging times, being as inclusive as possible. To manage and entertain the community members, a Discord bot was created, named Mira the cat, after its owner's pet​. Afterwards this Discord bot grew, and was added as a second bot, named Botivater.

Bot's Capabilities

Botivater is responsible for a wide range of tasks, from welcoming new people to managing the roles that members choose. It also keeps the community entertained with fun games. Moreover, the bot has commands that encourage self-care and promote positive sentiments, reminding community members to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being. All these features can be easily configured through a custom admin panel, providing easy control over the bot's actions and responses​.

Need for a Bot

The need for a bot was born out of the challenges faced in manually managing a growing community. Lauri Giepmans, the founder of Friendship Bubble, found the manual tasks increasingly overwhelming as the community grew. This led her away from interacting with community members to managing them, prompting the creation of the bot to automate most of these tasks​.


The Botivater Discord Bot, with its expandable and customizable features, plays a pivotal role in fostering community engagement, promoting mental and physical health, and turning community management into an enjoyable task.