Welcome back to my blog!

Let's dive right in.
Today I'm starting a new project. It's called Hlutir (it's Icelandic for things).

What is Hlutir (supposed to become)?

I was recently looking for a good, simple to use, fast, lightweight and open-source IoT solution, and the best option I found was ThingsBoard. This however did not satisfy me at all, especially the memory consumption for just a small amount of devices was insane. I ran it in a Docker container and at idle it already consumed around 1 gigabyte of memory (!!!).

This immediately made me search for a better solution. However, I couldn't find a better solution, so I decided to create my own.

My vision about this project is the following:

  • Must be lightweight
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Fast (aiming at sub 500ms processing times)
  • Modular (users can choose to only use the API and build their own code around it)
  • Open source
  • Support for multiple communication protocols (HTTP/REST, MQTT, CoAP, ...)
  • Easy to build upon (even for beginners)
  • Web-based frontend
  • Mobile application (PWA/Native)
  • Client libraries for MCUs like the ESP32, ESP8266 and Arduino as well as other boards
  • Easy to use (UI should explain itself, UX is very important)

How do I see this project coming to a success? Well, the open-source community is very strong, and I hope that people will collaborate with me on this project. In the begin it will be mostly me, but I hope people will quickly start expanding my project.

You can find the project on my GitHub!

For the time being, I'm back to programming. Updates will be following soon!